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Welcome to Whithead Baptist Church we are an independant evangelical church preaching the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Our members and freinds are from many different backgrounds and walks of life each with salvation in common.


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Gay Marriage and the Gospel

With marriage being re-defined by western culture and governments, it is of the utmost importance that the church stands strong with a prophetic voice and be able to articulate what Marriage is. Sadly, even leaders within the professing church have begun to capitulate to the LGBT campaign. On Sunday 4th October in our evening service, Pastor Johnny is going to address this in detail to help equip us in being able to answer objections our culture has to the Bibles teaching on sexuality and marriage. Keep it free, invite friends and come along to this special pm service. A Q&A session will take place afterwards to allow for further clarification. 


Our 'Thought for the Month' for September is available


A team including Sephen Garrett and Colleen Long from our fellowship helped with CEF outreach in the Philippines.

Their report can be found here.

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